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MapleStory Job Skills Guides(1st - 4th)

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Hey guys, welcome to Maplestory Mesos, have some of you guys meet problems with job skills, I suggest all the Work ability from 1st to 4th, It Won't take too long time to reach 150, if you use the ways that I would teach you now:

First job skills were normal in comparison to other classes, except you know, today we could hurricane as a primary job ability, which was extremely enjoyable. Second job was complete trash, worst set of skills I have noticed. Now third task was actually a lot of fun. I barreled through using those dashboard abilities and the main dps skill had better range and cooldown than preceding skills manual.

Now as for complaints~Their flash leap is very embarrassing. But frankly it doesn't matter because we've got so many other motion based skills. It should be changed to a regular flash jump or just removed completely.

Turret deployment continues barely anything, and it is annoying to need to recast it only to have something damage an excess platform for me while coaching. While bossing it's more reliable since you can keep casting it near the supervisor, but still plenty of maplestory mesos as support.

To go together with the above, we've got MANY fans, I've played a great deal of courses but this really is the most fans I have ever had, without adding adequate abilities. And to top it off, they all only last about two minutes, so I'm always needing to rebuff. Not to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos mention one of the fans increases your health, so in case it runs out and I recast it, I have a chunk of vacant wellness bar, which is always sort of annoying. That being said these buffs make Jett pretty tanky health wise so they are nice to have, only wish they continued at least 3 minutes.

For 4th job abilities, they were pretty underwhelming, for the exception of the controversial Starfall. Backup Beatdown, although seems trendy, a mobbing ability that works just like Hurricane, just did not do much harm and the range on it is not that great. The bossing skill Starforce Salvo, hardly did more harm than Backup Beatdown. For something targetting just 1 monster, it should do more harm.

Starfall out dps'd both of the prior skills by simply holding the button down. So now we're losing this into a 60 second cooldown. Still very good, but not spammable. As much fun as it had been, it did annoy many other players if Jetts spammed this in crowded servers or started KSing people.

So now Starfall is 60 seconds, but in terms of range, it is actually one of the worst ultis I have seen, vertically. So now it is worse in every way when compared with other ultis as it can't hit numerous platforms unless they're close to one another.

Alright, I have told you all what I understand about the job skills in MapleStory, then it is yours reveal time, just enjoy a much better world in sport, and if you will need the assistance of maplestory mesos, remember the maplestory2 mesos is the professional supplier for maplestory solutions!

asked May 17, 2018 in Milos by Cszcy (160 points)

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