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Milos Restaurants

There are many good restaurants in Milos where you can taste the specialities of the island. Among the various dishes we recommend to you the "Pitrakia", a small crescent-shaped pancake filled with local cheese, called "Milos cheese" by the islanders.
Here we propose to you a list of restaurants tested by ourself.


Ergina Restaurant is an excellent restaurant in Tripiti with a terrace view. All specialities are made from local meat, which the owner takes directly from the shepherds of the island. We suggest to you the goat stew with potatoes and the homemade egg pasta with hare sauce. Don't forget to taste the typical "Pitarakia" which are cooked according to greek tradition!
The service is excellent and the owner is pleased to explain the various dishes.
Ta Glaronissia


Another good restaurant in Tripiti is Ta Glaronissia. The menu of this tavern is based on seafood, particularly the spaghetti with lobster, the octopus stew with balsamic vinegar and the chowder.
Armenaki Restaurant is located in Pollonia close the sea. It offers excellent seafood specialities and a large wine list and the owner is very nice and available. Here you can taste "Linguine with langouste" among the specialities. This restaurant is always full, so we recommend to you to book if you plan to go. You can find the phone number on their web site.

Agios Sostis

This restaurant offer a view terrace on the Agios Sostis beach, so enjoy of an enviable location. Also the seafood cuisine is very good.
Sirocco Restaurant is situated on the Paleochori beach, so it's always full at lunch and we suggest you to go there for dinner. This restaurant is special because meat and fish are cooked under the surface of the sand, utilising the thermal energy. You can also visit the web site of the restaurant for more information.
To Spitiko


To Spitiko means homemade in greek, in fact this restaurant offers homemade dishes. You should taste the delicious "Moussaka", the best of the island. Also the location is great, there are many tables scattered in a quiet garden close to the centre of Milos.
To Petrino


Petrino Restaurant is situated in Zefiria. If you want to eat meat, To Petrino is the best choice you can take. You can also eat outside and enjoy the view of the Curch of Zefiria.
Medousa Cafe


If you are in Mandrakia at lunch time stop in this tavern directly on the sea. You can eat good food and the location is incomparable.
Mouratos Bakery


The Mouratos Bakery is perfect to have breakfast. You will find everything in here, sweet or salty. The bakery is in Katifora, on the way from Adamas to Plaka, exactly after the stop where on the left-hand side you can go to Sarakiniko and on the right-hand side to Plaka.
Utopia Cafe


If you are in Plaka during the sunset we suggest you to stop at the Utopia Cafe and relax in its view terrace. We recomend you drinking an ouzo while admiring the sunset.

Content by: Astrid Airoldi