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Milos: The file
Milos, situated south-west of the Cyclades, is maybe the island that offers the best variety of landscapes. The island shows a lot of spectacular inlets, bays and landscapes because of its volcanic origin. There are also many geysers, mostly in the east and south-east side. Paleochori beach is an example, you can find hot springs directly in the shallow waters in front of the beach, try and see! You can find different types of beaches in Milos: starting from sandy beaches, gravel and stones beaches, rocky beaches, arriving to the natural spectacle of Sarakiniko, white rocks shaped over millenia by the wind. In the beaches section you can find the detailed description for each beach with relative suggestions. We also made up for you many other sections like "How to reach Milos", suggestions and reviews about hotels, studios and campings in Milos, the best restaurants, rental cars and quads, descriptions of activities and trips around Milos island, the list of the fiestas offered by the villages of the island and a video about Milos. And if you were not able to solve all yours doubts, you can also ask questions in the Q&A section, our team or other users will answer any of your request.
Milos: the weather
Milos has a Mediterranean climate with sunny summer and very hot and mild winters with few rains. The average temperatures are around 30 degrees, with peaks in july and august. But the island of Milos in these months is hit by the Meltemi, the typical dry wind that blows through the Aegean Sea, making the the perceived temperature lower and nicer. But what's the best period to go to Milos? September is the ideal month for climate and for less tourist inflow. But also in august you can live the island quietly because you can find desert beaches also in this period. Another good period to visit Milos is spring so also during the Easter holiday.

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