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How to get to Milos

You can reach Milos by ferry or plane. In both cases at your arrival a wonderful island will wait for you.
Plane and Ferry
You can reach Milos by plane or by plane and ferry. There's no direct flight to Milos island so you have to stop in Athens. Many companies fly to Athens, such as EasyJet and Aegean Airlines. Then if you wanna continue by plane you have to travel with Olympic Airways because it is the only company that reaches Milos from Athens. We suggest you to book in advance because it's not so easy to find avaibility, the planes are pretty small. If you don't find available flights you can also reach Milos by ferry, departing from Piraeus. But "what is the best way to get to Piraeus from Athens airport?". The answer is easy, the fastest way is the subway. You have to take the blue line, stop at Monastiraki and take the train to Piraeus for a total amount of €5. Then you can reach Milos from Piraeus with Sea Jets, which is the fastest company (it takes just two hours), or with Aegean Speed Lines.
Normally the flights to Athens arrive late night, so you can not take directly the flight or the ferry to Milos that usually leave very early in the morning. You can stay in Athens overnight, and maybe also have a nice day visiting the Parthenon. What about where to stay in Athens? We recommend the Piraeus Dream Hotel which is very close to the ferries or the Sofitel Athens Airport and Holiday Inn, which are very comfortable with the airport.

Content by: Astrid Airoldi