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Milos Excursions

Some places of Milos, such as the splendid Kleftiko, cannot be reached by land and the only way to visit them is to participate to one of the many boat trips that depart from the ports of Adamas and Pollonia...
There are trips for every taste, and you can book them right on the spot. Every night at the harbor of Adamas every boat owner will show you the program of the tour he offers, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We list those that seem to be the most interesting ones so that even before leaving you can get an idea about what you're going into. Our advice is to choose a trip based on the spots that are really unreachable by land, and for sure don't miss Kleftiko and Sykia.
Tested personally, we strongly recommend this excursion by catamaran. It starts from the port of Adamas and reaches Kleftiko. On the way back you'll stop for lunch at Sykia, and here the captain and his crew will cook fresh seafood right on the beach!! As we took this trip we ate Moray Eel Soup, Octopus (the gold of the Cyclades) and vegetables ... The catamaran can't carry many persons, this means that you'll share this experience only with a few other people!
Depart from the port of Adamas with a sailboat reach Sykia and Kleftiko and visit the nearby caves. On the way back you'll stop in Embourios for lunch.
This trip sails all around Milos and also the island of Kimolos is reached for a short rest. On their website you will find the route map on which you can see all the stops in programm. The boat used is very big so an incredible crowd will accompany you during this tour. For privacy lovers another excursion might be better.
The excursion takes place on a boat in "trechandiri" style which can carry about fifty people. It starts from the port of Adamas and visits the southwest coast of Milos.
If you want to spend a day kayaking this is the right company to trust. The cost is €65 for the whole day and you can choose from 12 different itineraries! On their website you can find detailed maps and descriptions of the various trips. Even in this case we recommend you to choose the route that skirts places inaccessible by land.
And if the kayak is your passion you can spend a whole week visiting the coasts of Milos kayaking, this company offers for €560 6 days of kayaking and 8 nights at Petrinela's Guesthouse.
With a big inflatable boat you will visit the coasts of Milos. They don't have a website but for information you can call the +30 69 44 55 55 92 or the +30 69 77 50 63 96 .
Excursion aboard the "Eleni" sailboat that allows to visit Ammoudaraki, Sykia, Kleftiko, Gerontas and other beautiful beaches.
Diving center in Pollonia.

Content by: Astrid Airoldi