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Koh Lipe Resorts

Most of the resorts in Koh Lipe are located in Pattaya Beach and Sunrise Beach, but if you love tranquility consider to choose an accommodation situated on less crowded beaches of Koh Lipe. We suggest you to book in advance because finding availability is really difficult, especially during the Christmas holidays. Consider that resorts in Koh Lipe, with few exceptions, do not offer luxury and comfort in maldivian style, so you have to adapt, especially if your budget is not high. Keep in mind that you'll find only eco-resorts on the island, built with natural materials to fit the surrounding nature. Water and space are rare in Koh Lipe, therefore prices are higher compared to other Thai locations, and in many resorts there is no hot water during the day.
Pattaya Beach is the main beach of Koh Lipe and here you can find many resorts. The ferry reaching the island arrives right on this beach, so it's very comfortable to stay here, even for the fact that most of the restaurants are located on this beach and reach them at night is not exactly simple. In fact, Koh Lipe has a single main street, the others are all dirt roads and are not lit at night, walk them in the dark is not really comfortable.
Also on Sunrise Beach there are many hotels and resorts. Usually the accommodations on Pattaya Beach are fully booked, in the case we suggest you to opt for one on Sunrise Beach.
If you want to spend a holiday of total relaxation and privacy, choose one of these resorts, situated on small isolated beaches less crowed than Pattaya and Sunrise Beach.
Staying in one of the hotels right on the walking street is comfortable because you can get to Pattaya Beach and its restaurants by night easily. But in this way you can't stay in a resort with sea view or have a bungalows directly on the bay.

Content by: Astrid Airoldi