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Other Resorts

Other resorts on Koh Lipe.
Billa Beach Resort

Billa Beach

Excellent location for this resort: directly on Bila Beach. Bungalows are entirely made of bamboo, the bistro is cute and right there you can have fresh seafood, Thai dishes, or simply sip a cocktail comfy seated on bamboo tables right on the beach. Book in advance if you want to find availability for this resort.
Porn Resort

Sunset Beach

Do not be influenced by the name, "Porn" in Thai it means "blessing"! It is the only resort in Sunset, and offers bungalows directly on the beach. The hotel also has a large beach restaurant but as we tried it we were not particularly satisfied.
Sanom Beach Resort

Sanom Beach

If you seek peace and privacy this resort is for you. In fact this is the only accomodation on Sanom Beach, a small beach close to the most popular Pattaya Beach, and it is only connected by a road built by the owner. Bungalows are located directly on the beach but are a bit spartan and do not have hot water and electricity during the day.
Jack's Jungle

Near to Sunset Beach

Jack's Jungle offers rustic-style bungalows immersed in the jungle, therefore equip yourself with mosquito repellent, but do not worry to much, there are also mosquito nets on the beds! Bungalows are cleaned daily, and the bathrooms, with shower, are outside the bungalows. This hotel also has a good restaurant and is very easy from here to get to Sunset Beach, Jack's is exactly on the road.

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