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Koh Lipe: the file
When we were about to plan our trip to Thailand and we had to decide which islands to visit, we got fascinated by the Ko Tarutao National Park, because beside being a paradise of small tropical islands with wonderful nature and fantastic sea, it is also not subject to the tourist flow that is growing rapidly in whole Thailand.

Koh Lipe, one of this small islands, is definitely one of the best places we have visited in our Thai-trip and we really suggest you to go there.
Koh Lipe, a small island of the Andaman Sea situated in the south of Thailand, near to the border of Malaysia, is part of the Tarutao National Marine Park, that includes about seventy small islands, and it is the only island where you can stay for the night (besides the state-run accomodations in Ko Tarutao).
Koh Lipe has excellent white beaches and crystal clear water where you can snorkel and dive.

During our trip we collected all the useful informations you will need for preparing and enjoying your vacation, like: "How to get to Koh Lipe" and many reviews about resorts, restaurants and activities. We have also edited a video with the best pictures of the island.

And if you were not able to solve all yours doubts, you can also ask questions in the Q&A section, our team or other users will answer any of your request.
Koh Lipe: Useful Info
In Koh Lipe, there are no ATMs, so try to arrive on the island with enough cash for your stay. In some resorts you can pay by credit card, but keep in mind that you will pay 5% commission.

The mobile phone coverage is present, but only for AIS and DTAC. If your trip in Thailand lasts for several days, we recommend you to buy a Thai sim card because the outbound rates are very affordable and if you own a smartphone you could also buy internet airtime that allows you to surf on internet and thus also calls via Skype (as we went there we opted for AIS 12call prepaid sim card + internet airtime).

To go to Koh Lipe, in addition to price of the ferry, you have to pay 200 Bath entrance fee to the Ko Tarutao National Park, and 50 Bath for transportation with longtailboat to Pattaya Beach, because Koh Lipe has no harbor, and the ferry cannot reach shallow waters.

In Koh Lipe there is just one main road which is paved and lighted all the others are small and dark dirt roads. In the evening, you'll need a flashlight.

On the island there is no hospital, but only a small clinic near to Sunrise Beach. For severe cases it is necessary to return to the peninsula and go to a real hospital.

In Koh Lipe there is no danger of malaria.
Koh Lipe: the weather
The best period to visit Koh Lipe goes from November to February, which is characterized by a dry climate. Days are sunny but not too hot and there is little rain in these months. On the island monsoons arrive on May, and many Resorts close, so this would not be a good period to have an holiday in Koh Lipe.

Content by: Astrid Airoldi